meet the artist


Christine Bravata, M.A.

Inspired by the “free spirit” of nature and animals, sculpting functional art with clay allows the earth to transform with limitless possibilities. As the process unfolds, the essence of each piece comes to life within my hands, bringing a peaceful awareness with a paradox of serenity and liberation.

 Utilizing texture and sculpting techniques, wheel thrown pieces are altered and embellished with the hope of capturing the movement and energy of the world around us.


Functional Porcelain Sculpture & Ceramic Art

 Custom ceramic art and ceramic sculpture can be created using a family heirloom as a design element, offering a truly  one of a kind, piece of art that captures and celebrates  the memory and talent of your loved ones for many years to come.

Many of my vessels include the delicate details of my grandmother's doily that she crocheted almost a century ago. 


Giving Back

 My ceramic art & ceramic sculpture is inspired by the strength, courage & resiliency of the many horses and humans I have the privilege of serving for over 20 years.  

As a breast cancer survivor, I understand first hand, the profound healing that can take place when working in nature with animals.

A portion of the proceeds from my ceramics are donated to local Equine Assisted Therapy and Nature Programs that help survivors, trauma victims, individuals with autism, PTSD and other mental health issues.