Horse Pottery & Equine Art

Handmade ceramic horse water pitcher by Christine Bravata, horse pottery, unique gift, horse lovers

A horse, of course!

Horses in particular are amazing creatures. They teach us so much about ourselves and show us a calm, gentle, yet powerful and majestic beauty that lives within us all.  I love creating horse pottery and ceramics as well as painting fantastical and vibrant watercolor paintings of horses.  One of my favorite pieces is this functional ceramic horse pitcher. 

Ceramic horse lamp, horse pottery, nightlight, unique gift for horse lovers, one of a kind gift

Old is new again!

I use the imprint of my grandmother's doily that she crocheted over 100 years ago, as a design element in many of my pieces.  She would be so proud... ;)

Contact me if you have a family heirloom you would like memorialized in pottery!

Untamed spirit poem written by Christine Bravata on ceramic horse pottery platter. Copyright 2015

Who said only Mr. Ed could speak? ;)

By carving my original poetry on some of my pieces, I hope to give each unique creation its own voice.  I hope my art speaks to you and puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart!